Welcome to my Mexico blog. Your one source for information about how to do business in Mexico. After many searches for blogs about doing business in Mexico turned up few results, I realized I have found my niche. Visit us often for information on reaching the Mexican market.

Future blogs will address issues about how do to business in Mexico, tips and information about business travel in Mexico, best cities in which do to business and feature articles about marketers who are making their mark with large Mexican companies.

But I felt it was important that my first few blogs dealt with something more important than current events. The target audience for this blog is professionals who either want to do business in Mexico, or who are currently doing business in Mexico and want to keep up to date on current business events. A book that really helped me learn about the country and its people is Distant Neighbors by Alan Riding. Although the version I have is dated 1989, Riding does an excellent job of portraying the Mexicans, explaining the systems at play in the society as well as many other topics related to the government, petroleum, history, etc. Check out this book: Distant Neighbors.

In upcoming blogs I will write about some of the key points covered in Riding’s book and what they mean to you as an executive trying to do business in Mexico. Please visit us often and don’t be afraid to post your comments. We want to make this a very valuable resource for business executives, so your additional input is welcome.